Freelance journalist and fellow at The Modern Story, currently living, teaching, writing, and wandering in Hyderabad, India. Work alum of The Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Public Media, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Round Earth Media- Morocco, and others. Resident alum of Boston, Chicago, Rabat, and St. Paul. Actual alum of Loyola University Chicago. Interested in everything.

Follow my web wanderings on Twitter and real life wanderings on Instagram.

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Here’s a look at some of my work thus far:
‘The World Turned Upside Down’: The Rise of Spanish Immigration to Morocco (The Christian Science Monitor)
National: Violence Against Women Act Not Reauthorized: Why? (Vocalo 89.5)
Photography: Welcome to the Death Cafe (Chicago Tribune)
Commentary: American students in North Africa wait and watch to see if conflict will spread (Minnesota Public Radio)
Travel: The Ultimate Road Trip: Monkeys, Sahara and More (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
Profile: Living his dream- Carlos Robles (Inside Loyola)
Social: How Google helps people seek refuge from Colorado floods (The Christian Science Monitor)
Interactive:  Homeless shelters versus cupcake shops: A Chicago map (Hubbub, Chicagoist)
Arts: Matthew Santos: Not Just Lupe Fiasco’s Hook Machine (WLUW 88.7)
Immersive: Hijab for a day (ChicagoNow)
Series: Public Vs Private– The Cost, The Experience, The Bottom Line (WCCO-TV)
Trend: Does Money And Career Trump All For Young Women Today? (ChicagoNow)

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