New website

Welcome to my new website! I created in December of 2010, as a place to showcase my work as a student at Loyola and a journalist in the Chicago area. Since then, it has gone through quite a few facelifts as my interests and experiences have changed.

What’s new? For one, there are fewer tabs on the top. I feel this makes things a little more user-friendly and people will be more likely to click on a tab read my work.  Which is kinda the point of this whole site. Second, I changed the theme.  This one is a little less dramatic than my old one, and though I have a love/hate relationship with cursive, as sometimes I think writer-types use it as a typographical love letter from a writer to the written word (even though no one uses cursive, ever, let alone writes anything out long hand).  For the record, I just liked the font.

Third, is this blog, where you are now.  Anyone who knows me knows I rarely take a break from doing things. From volunteering at the Printers Row Lit Fest, to leading a high school journalism camp, to writing weekly stories for Inside Loyola, this summer has already been a productive one.  I hope to use this space to highlight some of the random, cool things I do with my life, that don’t really have a space on a resume. Maybe I’ll even talk about some of the fun things I like to do. Maybe. We’ll see.

However, I will be updating and reorganizing this portfolio for the next few weeks, so let me know what you think.  In addition, I will be writing posts about some of those random cool things I have been doing this summer. So be sure to check back if you’re interested in what it feels like if Sapphire touches you, or the atmosphere in a dorm room when ten high school basketball fanatics find out the Heat won the NBA Championship.



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