Star Tribune: Midwest To Morocco

“Nothing is worse than writer’s block.” -Every writer ever

This past, let’s be honest, summer, I have been an emotional whirlygig due to this whole going abroad for a semester to Morocco thing.

As any writer knows, a roller coaster of emotions can either create a word catharsis or a word glacier. Despite the summer weather, my writing has been in Antarctica.

I think this is due to the stress of getting everything together, dealing with going abroad for the first time and working 40 hours per week to save up for the trip. I was so busy prepping for what’s to come in three days, I never gave myself the chance to creatively reflect on what is ahead.

Finally, finally I got over that freeze and I posted my first blog for the Star Tribune. It is called “Midwest to Morocco”, which I do repeat twice more in my post (and once in my bio). I also use a Marilyn Monroe quote and ended the post with an italicized “To be continued…” so I may have committed every study abroad blog/amateur writer cliche, but that post is published and I have begun to thaw out my writing brain.

Read my post here.


If that doesn’t make my writing sizzle I am not sure what will.


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