Covering Election 2012 (from Morocco)

Though I’ve lived in Chicago for the past three years, on November 6, 2012 I watched Obama’s acceptance speech at McCormick place from a journalism school in Rabat, Morocco.

Despite my lack of proximity, I still wrote a story on the Chicago college student perspective on the election. During election night, I utilized the @Chicago_U Twitter handle to interact with followers and created the hashtag #ChiUVote so that people could tweet their response. Though Twitter was on warp-speed the night of the election, I was able to get a couple responses and collected various stories and first hand accounts in the next few days.

I embedded these tweets, videos and stories into a post for ChiU on ChicagoNow.

Pretty cool that I can still cover a local perspective on an American election from North Africa. Social media and the internet for the win.

More on my actual experience on election night to come! Starting on Halloween and extending until basically today, I have been on independent study, election coverage and moving overdrive. Now I am writing from Tangier, where I will be for the next month. Stay tuned!


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