ImageOn March 21, I woke up and groggily checked my phone for emails. I saw a Google alert for “Karis Hustad”, which was odd I though, since I didn’t remember signing myself up for Google alerts, nor did I know exactly what it was going to mean with my name attached. I opened it and saw the headline: “The World Upside Down” on The Christian Science Monitor website with my name just above the text.


That was all I could think. The above article is the result of two months of intense reporting, researching, writing and editing. It represents the leather that wore off the bottom of my shoes from walking around Tangier looking for a subject, struggling to communicate through broken Spanish/French/Arabic/English, countless cafe noirs at Cinema Rif, Skype interviews to Spain, meeting our translator through a guard at the Spanish Embassy, knocking on restaurant doors, drafts after drafts after drafts of the final article and millions of other details.

But now I can say that I have been published in national media, and an international story to boot. Though I always had doubts about going abroad my senior year, now I truly know it was the greatest capstone to my journalism education I could have asked for.


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