Tuned In.

ImageWednesday, May 22 at 4 p.m. my final piece for Vocalo aired on the Overdrive. I helped one of the Overdrive show hosts, Luis Antonio Perez, develop and produce this three part series about sexual assault and rape after Steubenville. I found three experts that all talk about different aspects of the case that weren’t really paid attention to during the media storm surrounding the trial: a expert on legal jargon who talked about how words play into the proceedings as well as media coverage, a sports sociologist who commented on youth sports and how the hierarchical football culture was created in Steubenville and a professor at University of New Hampshire who studies methods of preventing violence against women. On Wednesday, my interview with the final expert (Robert Eckstein of UNH, who focuses on preventing violence against women) aired and we rounded out the series.

I’m sad to say this is my last piece for Vocalo (for now at least), but I think it is indicative of the awesome radio work that is done at Chicago Public Media. We obviously reported on Steubenville as it happened, but my producers knew it was an issue that extended beyond the actual trial. We had questions ourselves: how can this terrible act happen again and again? Does the fact that they were football players play a role in their actions? How does the objective law interact with such an emotional issue? I’m proud to say I was part of a team that wanted to know more and look at what the legacy of this trial is, if any. It’s cool to know that our listeners can tune in and hear the answers we found. Maybe it won’t lead to any changes, any concrete solutions. But I think even if one person can look at something in a new light, I think it was a success.


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