A month at the Monitor

The Christian Science plaza in Boston, Mass., also home to The Christian Science Monitor.
The Christian Science plaza in Boston, Mass., also home to The Christian Science Monitor. Also known as my new office.

This August was for one last move.

After roadtripping through the heartland over fourth of July, lugging all my apartment back to Minneapolis at the end of July, wandering off to New York City for a lovely week with family and dear friends, driving back to Chicago to pick up the rest of my apartment from a dark storage locker off the Jarvis red line stop, it was suddenly time yet again to pack my life in three suitcases to move across the country.

The destination? Boston, Mass. for an internship at The Christian Science Monitor.

This summer was a true soul searching adventure, filled with countless resumes, applications, job boards, and learning to balance four pints of Southern Tier IPA in one hand and a slab of ribs in another (for my job as a waitress, not for personal consumption). Though at the time it felt like I stepped off a cliff and was hurtling toward an unknown canyon floor known as the rest of my life, by the time August rolled around the bungee cord was pulled taut, and I could only look back and laugh. Of course it was going to be okay. Unpredictable, yes, but overwhelmingly okay.

I’m thrilled to be at the Monitor. Ever since I freelanced for the publication while in Morocco, I’ve been a huge fan of their calm, analytical, solution-oriented journalism– a breath of fresh air in the listicle-heavy, errantly tweeted, giant iPad-using news industry today. I write for the Innovation desk, which means I cover technology, cyber security, privacy, social media, and other new ideas. It’s been a challenging month, but already filled with lessons from the wonderful staff and editors at the Monitor.

Here is a sample of the work I’ve done so far, and if you’re so inclined drop me an innovation tip at hustadk@csps.com. Otherwise, I can likely be found at Pavement Coffee on Boylston, reading next to the Reflecting Pool, or wading through the sea of too-cool Berklee hipsters on Massachusetts Ave.

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