Business desk life

My new bible.
My new bible.

Post-winter holidays I’ve slightly changed roles: I’m part-time innovation desk, part-time business desk, which means I’m full-time busy. Hello again, lunches at my desk.

Business reporting is something I’ve long been curious about, as any journalist can tell you that whether you like it or not, business and economics are a part of every beat.

The thing with business is that it is human-oriented at its core. The only reason we care about how well Goldman-Sachs is doing is because that one company’s success determines the fate of a lot of individual people. The only reason we care about Target getting hacked is that one of our friends or family likely had their debit card data compromised. Business reporting is a way to get at that, hack away at numbers so people get why things like stock prices calculate into their daily lives.

That isn’t to say it is always so easy to pull the human elements out of something like retail sales or earnings reports. Those come out as numbers, and its our job to color it in. Sometimes, that comes in the form of stringing together multiple trends and ideas. Like one of my pieces last week on GameStop’s tumbling stocks. I wasn’t surprised at the news, given the increasing pressure of digital gaming and streaming games (like PlayStation Now) which I noticed when reporting on the innovation desk. It was an interesting story to do, and as I keep going I hope to bring in more from my background on the tech/innovation beat.

Other than that, I’ve continued to keep a diligent eye on the world of iPhones, Google, and miscellaneous gadgetry. Hear about them Google contacts? Really fascinating innovation. I also finally finished up a story about how social media is affecting college admissions, with surprisingly optimistic results. Cool to write a story like that between increasing hacks and tech giants’ fall from graces.

As always, you got an interesting biz or inno idea/tip/story/etc.? I’m all ears. Shoot me an email at or tweet me @karishustad.


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