Headed to Hyderabad

The Modern Story

I’m thrilled to announce that I have been selected as a 2014 fellow at The Modern Story, and will be teaching digital storytelling to high school and middle school students in Hyderabad, India for six months starting in July (more details on what that entails HERE).

Now comes the next step: fundraising. Read: donate RIGHT HERE!

My home for the next six months
My home for the next six months

I’ve always loved journalism (I think that is pretty clear if you know me… at all) and bringing that joy to others is one of my passions. One of my favorite weeks of college was helping out at Loyola’s School of Communication High School Digital Storytelling Workshop where a group of 20 high school students came to the SOC to learn all the ins and outs of digital journalism. We went through sound, film, photography, and how to put it all together in one place. Seeing those students grow over just one week was inspiring – and later seeing them graduate and continue their journalism careers in Chicago and beyond was amazing.

Myself and a student at Loyola's Digital Storytelling Workshop
Helping students get set up in the convergence lab at Loyola’s Digital Storytelling Workshop

In addition, while working with Round Earth Media Morocco my senior year, we got to pair up with journalism students from a nearby university to work on stories. Meeting those young journalists and having their input on stories about their country that would be read all over the world was invaluable to reporting, and truly taught me the importance of empowering local journalists.

My Moroccan journalism partner, Ikram Benaicha, and I discussing details of our reporting project.
My Moroccan journalism partner, Ikram Benaicha, and I discussing details of our reporting project.

Now I’ve been given the chance to expand on those two experiences in India. Did I mention I am thrilled? This is how thrilled I am:

Me. Thrilled.


That being said, being on Cloud 9 comes at a price. Student loans and rent on an intern salary this past year have put a dent in my meager savings. The Modern Story is a great nonprofit: they pay for fellows’ apartment, food, transportation, and even an airfare stipend, for which I am very thankful. However, I am hoping to raise about $800 to help pay for my visa and return airfare.

You can donate by CLICKING THIS LINK. I am even going to throw in some bonus gifts if you donate! Check that out on my India travel page. All donations are tax deductible. Yes! Tax deductible and a gift from me. Great deal.

I am also collecting donations of old cameras and sound equipment. TMS has a decent amount of equipment, but not enough that each student can have their own camera. It is key to learning to have that hands on experience. And besides – technology is updating fast! Wouldn’t you rather that old equipment go toward a good cause than $20 on Craigslist? Contact me if you have something you think may help!

Thank you in advance to anyone who donates anything. I truly can’t thank you enough.

More to come very soon. For now, the countdown begins. I leave on June 29.

20 days until India.


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