2014 (In 365 Seconds)

How do you keep track of time as it slips by?

Try capturing just a second of each day.

That’s what I did from January 1, 2014 to January 1, 2015.

I knew it would be an ambitious project that would require me to be more tethered to my devices, constantly seeking interesting moments, and making editorial decisions about how I wanted each day to be remembered in my final project.

What I didn’t realize as I took the first video a little after midnight in a polka bar in Minneapolis surrounded by my best friends from high school and college, is that I was about to have a year that spanned from Minneapolis to Boston to Hyderabad to Colombo to Bangkok to Wellington.

In 2014 I said goodbye to my first real job and hello to temporary employment on the other side of the world. I learned thori Hindi and traveled alone in southeast Asia for two weeks. I teared up as I watched the Boston Marathon, a year after the bombings, and sat in silent awe in front of the incomparable Taj Mahal. I drank endless coastal craft beers in New England, and pushed my spice tolerance to an all time high thanks to Andrah Pradesh’s fresh mirchi. I circumvented the globe just two years after leaving the United States for the first time.

And not everyday was as incredible as the ones I mention above. There’s a fair share of exhaustion, boredom, and routine that I tried to document as well. The point was to document a year as it happened, not a highlight reel, but a daily visual diary. So here it is. My 2014 in 365 seconds.


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