My Moroccan journalism partner, Ikram Benaicha, and I discussing details of our reporting project.
My Moroccan journalism partner, Ikram Benaicha, and I discussing details of our reporting project.

In fall 2012, I spent four months in Morocco with the journalism nonprofit Round Earth Media, studying journalism, Arabic, and Moroccan culture and current events. My program also partnered with a local journalism school, which offered me and my fellow American students the chance to see what it was like to be a journalism student in a country without a free press, join up with a fellow journalist (see above) who offered matchless understanding of Moroccan society, and make a couple wonderful friends in the process.

During my time I filed for The Christian Science Monitor, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Minnesota Public Radio, plus took endless photos and videos, documenting everything from US election night at our partner journalism school to Halloween celebrations at a local nightclub. Below is a full listing of my work while traveling and reporting.

The Christian Science Monitor:
‘The world turned upside down’: the rise of Spanish migration to Morocco

Minneapolis Star Tribune:
Midwest to Morocco
Welcome Week, Morocco Style
A Series of Globe Spinning Events
The Ultimate Road Trip (Part 1)

The Ultimate Road Trip (Part 2)
Homestay Life
Eid Mubarak! (Happy Eid!)
Europe without leaving Africa
To protest or vote?

Minnesota Public Radio:
American students in North Africa wait and watch to see if conflict will spread

Morocco (general photos from the semester)
Election Night Rabat (photos from the 2012 U.S. election at our partner journalism school- Institut Superieur D’Information et Communication (ISIC)
Halloween at Le Cotton Club (a local live music club celebrates Halloween)



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